In the early nineteen eighties after seeing him play bass in a pop band at Terminal Studios, professionals in the music business, Kienda Hoji, Juni Morrison of Ohio Players and Kate Garner of Haysi Fantayzee gave him the name he is known by today. Born Michael DaCosta Lewis to Barbadian parents, he had a strict upbringing and did well with his education here in the UK.

Myke studied music privately for many years and later studied to degree level, he created a teaching style that has been recognised by Middlesex University. Myke now owns and runs I-Play Music, a private music tuition centre where budding musical artists can development their passion for music from as young as age seven.

Myke is also a keen craftsman. At school for his CSE woodwork and technical drawing exams, he designed and built amongst other things, an electric guitar and an electric bass and achieved grade one in the process; today Myke still has that electric bass.

Now the experienced bassist of the modern era Myke Masters Lewis is currently working on a new album. Currently his first solo album Mustn’t Grumble is available in mp3 and cd format on Amazon Music.

Mykes Music

Sometimes dubbed the music visionary, Myke recorded Mustn’t Grumble in his home studio back in the summer of 1998. This solo album was designed to demonstrate clearly his mastery of playing bass in contemporary fusion music. Listening to this album with the exception of Soon Come, gives you a nice fusion of rhythmic melodies enthused with a driving determination to play, incorporating a dynamic feel and passion in every track. Needless to say, Myke composed, arranged and produced this album.

Available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Amazon on Demand, Deezer, iTunes, Shazam and YouTube Music Key since October 2015, you can hear a varied selection of genres for yourself ranging from the hard-hitting opening number of Threatening Behaviour through Mykes Groove to Chill Out (eve at the manor).

The album is timeless. Mykes portrayals of fine art can be heard on this amazing album and he has arranged his compositions in such a way as to tell a story to those who love contemporary fusion music.

To Myke everyone has a musical key that they subconsciously respond to. Knowing this enables Myke to employ melodies and rhythms and he knows how to work these together to produce a favourable reaction. Myke has this knack of being able to communicate with those who play music with him and those who attend the Myke Masters Bass Sessions will be enveloped with this phenomenon. For Myke the end result of any composition is the primary factor which he calls: The Inner Movement.

“Sometimes I get this divine inner sense, a feeling to get to work immediately on a song idea. I sing the melodies and play the rhythms in my mind before I physically use musical and non-musical instruments to help me build or construct, compose and arrange the song”.

Sound is very important to Myke and not just about the bass guitar; he is also a multi instrumentalist. His best playing ability is with the use of one of his many basses but greater than this, is his musical arrangements and how he uses a range of other musical instruments to produce that sound. You only have to listen to the timeless tracks of Mykes Groove from the album Mustn’t Grumble or Budokan from the album Treasure Those Days, to understand his ingenuity.



Mykes Bass

Mykes Groove soundcheck